Get Better Coverage with Burndown and Residual Applications

Start clean and stay clean this spring with the right herbicides for both contact and residual  control and with Coastal's Spectrum to ensure good coverage, penetration and retention, even in less than ideal conditions. To reduce drift and get more of the active ingredient to the target, also use Coastal's Drift-X in the tank-mix. Why is Spectrum essential for your herbicide application and how does it work? It contains: Highly refined methylated seed oils that provide superior coverage, penetration and retention properties A two phase organo-silicone surfactant system that optimizes

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Is Your Crop Getting the Most from the Nutrients in Your Soil?

Unlock the nutrient potential of your crop for early season growth, strong root development and improved plant vigor.  Virtually any crop needs one of Coastal’s Advance products at planting to maximize yields, whether a starter program is used or not. The common ingredient in our Advance products is a blend of three natural carboxylic acids that solubilize nutrients to make them more available to the crop and improve absorption and uptake.

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Post Harvest Burndown

Weeds don't take time off...Neither can you! The battle of weed control is a numbers game.  Reduce the weeds and eliminate the seed to win the war.  This has to be a year-round battle because weeds do not take time off. Click HERE to see before and after burndown photos. A Post Harvest Burndown is effective behind any crop harvested prior to heavy frost. It: Reduces seed bank in the following crop Reduces weed population in the next crop Helps fight resistance Makes weed management easier and less costly Keys

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Reduce Spray Drift

Important considerations for reducing spray drift include proper nozzle selection; spray technique including spray pressure, angle and application speed; evaluation of environmental conditions such as wind direction and temperature inversions; buffer zones and susceptible crops. To maximize drift reduction potential, add Drift-X DRT to your drift reduction plan. Drift-X DRT (Drift Reduction Technology) is a consistently high-performing deposition and drift management agent that delivers 20% more product to the target and provides uniform coverage on the targeted surface. Drift-X DRT reduces the number of spray droplet fines (less than 100 microns),

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Unlock Nutrient Potential for Your Crops

Maximize yield potential by giving your crop the advantage for early season growth, strong root development and improved plant vigor. Whether a starter program is used or not, most any crop needs one of Coastal’s Advance products at planting. The common ingredient in our Advance products, a blend of three natural carboxylic acids, solubilizes nutrients for better availability, absorption and uptake.

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Clean Up Weeds This Fall for a Head Start in Spring

Resistant weeds are an ongoing threat to crop yields, and likely will be an even bigger problem in 2016 due to the cutback in crop protection inputs in the past year. Weed competition affects yield potential; that’s why it’s important to stay ahead of weeds by keeping fields clean. To give crops the early advantage in the spring, clean-up is needed this fall. Fall herbicide applications are a relatively new but growing practice because of successful results achieved in using residual herbicides to combat resistant weeds. A fall burndown with

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Plant Growth Regulator in Peanuts

Apogee®is a plant growth regulator (PGR) used for canopy management, improving harvestability, and improving yields and quality in peanuts. By managing the peanut canopy growth, Apogee® reduces internode length allowing for better row definition and therefore a more efficient and productive harvest. The potential yield benefits come from stronger pegs and improved quality, which allow the peanuts to stay on the vines longer. This minimizes pod shed and pod loss during digging and harvesting operations. Row definition and canopy management are greatly improved in a twin row production system where

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Improve Spray Application Performance in Cotton with Matrixx

Early season competition from weeds and thrips can cause substantial loss to cotton yields. Therefore, it’s important not only to use the right crop protection products but also to use the right spray adjuvant to get maximum performance from the products you use. Matching the right adjuvant to the spray application is key to getting the most from your over-the-top spray. For crop protection products requiring a nonionic surfactant, Coastal’s Matrixx is often the product of choice because of its rapid, uniform coverage capabilities. Matrixx is a 100% active ingredient

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Peanut Fungicide Applications

When deciding on your peanut fungicide spray program there are several factors to consider including budget, crop rotation and disease history. As with any crop, a budget is important and with your peanut crop, it’s extremely important. These three “best management practices” that don’t cost money will also help to control costs in other budget line-items: • Choosing the right soil type for peanuts • Planting at the proper time • Sticking with proper rotation. A three year rotation is minimal, but four years is preferred. Any legume crop in the

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Advance for Peanut Starter Programs

Advance (right) compared to a competitive product (left) in Peanuts Give your peanut crop a strong start to maximize yield potential.  Advance 6-24-6 RTU at 2 qts in-furrow is a perfect fit for your peanut starter program because it gives young plants a boost of important nutrients including micronutrients essential for early season plant growth, healthy root development and plant vigor.  The natural carboxylic acids in Advance improve nutrient solubilization and uptake, making nutrients more available to young plants.  Advance is safe to the peanut seed and inoculant. If you have

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