Get Better Coverage with Burndown and Residual Applications

Start clean and stay clean this spring with the right herbicides for both contact and residual  control and with Coastal’s Spectrum to ensure good coverage, penetration and retention, even in less than ideal conditions. To reduce drift and get more of the active ingredient to the target, also use Coastal’s Drift-X in the tank-mix.

Why is Spectrum essential for your herbicide application and how does it work?

It contains:

Highly refined methylated seed oils that provide superior coverage, penetration and retention properties
A two phase organo-silicone surfactant system that optimizes spreading and [...]

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    Is Your Crop Getting the Most from the Nutrients in Your Soil?

Is Your Crop Getting the Most from the Nutrients in Your Soil?

Unlock the nutrient potential of your crop for early season growth, strong root development and improved plant vigor.  Virtually any crop needs one of Coastal’s Advance products at planting to maximize yields, whether a starter program is used or not. The common ingredient in our Advance products is a blend of three natural carboxylic acids that solubilize nutrients to make them more available to the crop and improve absorption and uptake.

Reduce Spray Drift

Important considerations for reducing spray drift include proper nozzle selection; spray technique including spray pressure, angle and application speed; evaluation of environmental conditions such as wind direction and temperature inversions; buffer zones and susceptible crops. To maximize drift reduction potential, add Drift-X DRT to your drift reduction plan.

Drift-X DRT (Drift Reduction Technology) is a consistently high-performing deposition and drift management agent that delivers 20% more product to the target and provides uniform coverage on the targeted surface. Drift-X DRT reduces the number of spray droplet fines (less than 100 microns), [...]

Unlock Nutrient Potential for Your Crops

Maximize yield potential by giving your crop the advantage for early season growth, strong root development and improved plant vigor. Whether a starter program is used or not, most any crop needs one of Coastal’s Advance products at planting. The common ingredient in our Advance products, a blend of three natural carboxylic acids, solubilizes nutrients for better availability, absorption and uptake.

Protect Those Pods

By: Dan Davidson,
DTN Contributing Agronomist, July 9, 2015

If soybeans played politics, they would definitely fall into a red state. The plant takes a decidedly conservative stance by shedding at least 60% of its pods and flowers when it feels stressed or feels there are simply too many pods to support.

Soybean yield is based on how many seeds go in the hopper. However, what we sometimes fail to remember is that each pod contains a fairly consistent average of 2.5 seeds per pods. That means getting the plant to [...]

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Stay Ahead of Yield-Robbing Soybean Nutrient Deficiencies

Early nutrient deficiencies negatively affect the growth and development of your soybean crop and rob it of its highest yield potential. The best way to avoid nutrient deficiencies is to proactively supply your crop with needed nutrients before any symptoms become visible. The most critical times to apply supplemental nutrients are during the transition from vegetative to reproductive growth stages, during periods of great growth activity, and, if necessary, when deficiency symptoms are present.

When soybeans need a boost in nitrogen, potassium and/or sulfur levels, Coastal’s Quantum SDS is the [...]

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    Improve Spray Application Performance in Cotton with Matrixx

Improve Spray Application Performance in Cotton with Matrixx

Early season competition from weeds and thrips can cause substantial loss to cotton yields. Therefore, it’s important not only to use the right crop protection products but also to use the right spray adjuvant to get maximum performance from the products you use. Matching the right adjuvant to the spray application is key to getting the most from your over-the-top spray.

For crop protection products requiring a nonionic surfactant, Coastal’s Matrixx is often the product of choice because of its rapid, uniform coverage capabilities. Matrixx is a 100% active ingredient [...]

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Reduce Drift with Drift-X DRT

With the recent adverse weather conditions affecting a shortened planting season, our customers are seeing the benefits of Coastal’s new drift reduction technology product Drift-X DRT (formerly Direct DRT). Drift-X DRT improves the on-target deposition and coverage of your spray application and reduces off-target movement. It performs well for any crop or burndown situation especially around sensitive areas.

Drift-X DRT works by reducing the number of spray droplet fines less than 100 microns, increasing the VMD (Volume Median Diameter) of spray droplets and generating a more uniform droplet size spectrum. Drift-X DRT [...]

Micronutrients Important for Soybean Yields

There are 16 essential elements that are important for healthy growth and development of soybeans.  These include the non-mineral elements – carbon, oxygen and hydrogen, and mineral elements which include macronutrients found in most fertilizers -nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium (potash); secondary macronutrients – calcium, magnesium and sulfur; and micronutrients – boron, chloride, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum and zinc.

Micronutrients haven’t been given a lot of attention until recently because they are needed in such small amounts.  However, with the demand for high analysis N-P-K fertilizer, there has been a reduction [...]

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Spring Burndown

Is your land ready for spring planting season?

Most no-till fields are now covered with henbit, chickweed, ryegrass, marestail, and other winter annuals and perennials. If you made an application of Leadoff® in December or January, you are probably in pretty good shape right now. If not, it’s time to start cleaning up your winter weeds.

It is important to get these weeds cleaned up now for several reasons. First, winter weeds have taken up valuable nutrients through the winter months that can’t be returned to the soil until they [...]

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