Spray Adjuvants

Spray Adjuvants

Our spray adjuvant products are designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of crop protection products. Many crop protection products, registered by the US Environmental Protection Agency, have specific recommendations for the use of different types of spray adjuvants. The use of adjuvants improves the performance of crop protection sprays by modifying specific properties of the spray to achieve desired results. Adjuvants enhance the performance of crop protection sprays through improved wetting, spreading and penetration capabilities, and through more uniform coverage and targeted deposition. Adjuvants may also reduce or eliminate common spray application problems by dispersing, suspending and solubilizing crop protection products, or by reducing evaporation, degradation, foaming and drift.

Coastal quality and selection

Consistent and effective results from the use of adjuvants depend on proper selection and quality. Coastal has developed many high-quality adjuvants having similar functions or modes of action, and selecting the right adjuvant is based on several factors including pesticide selection, weed or pest spectrum and environmental conditions.

Our experienced representatives are ready to assist customers in determining the right product to achieve optimal results for the best value.

Polymeric Adjuvants

Nitrogen-based Adjuvants

Important: Always read and follow all label instructions before using Coastal products. The information contained on this website provides general information about our products. For complete product application guidelines, refer to the individual product label. For more information, please contact a Coastal representative.