Drift-X DRT

Spray Adjuvants: Utility Products


Drift-X DRT is specially formulated as a deposition and drift management agent that reduces the number of spray droplet fines less than 100 microns and increases the VMD (Volume Median Diameter) of spray droplets.  Drift-X DRT generates a more uniform droplet size spectrum resulting in enhanced on-target deposition and coverage of the spray.  Drift-X DRT is for use with most fungicides, herbicides, and insecticides that are labeled for use in agriculture, forestry, golf course, industrial, non-crop, turf and ornamental applications.  Drift-X DRT does not replace the need for additional adjuvants/surfactants in the spray tank.


  • Delivers 20% more product to the target
  • Provides uniform coverage of products on targeted surface
  • Increases canopy penetration
  • Broad use
  • Easy to use
  • In the tank last
  • Reduces number of fines <100 microns
  • Increases VMD (Volume Median Diameter) of spray droplets


  • Use 4 – 6 fluid ounces of Drift-X DRT per acre
  • Drift-X DRT must be added to the spray tank last
  • Does not replace the need for additional adjuvants/surfactants in the spray tank


Important: Always read and follow all label instructions before using Coastal products. The information contained on this website provides general information about our products. For complete product application guidelines, refer to the individual product label. For more information, please contact a Coastal representative.