Spray Adjuvants: Utility Products

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Foam-Eater is a high-grade silicone de-foam and anti-foam agent that is very effective in reducing or eliminating foam from agricultural spray applications.


  • Eliminates or suppresses foam from most spray tanks
  • May be used to knock down foam already formed in the spray tank


  • Apply 2-4 oz per 100 gallons of water
  • To aid in prevention of foam, add Foam-Eater to water before adding pesticides and adjuvants
  • When used to knock down foam already formed in the spray tank, add 2-4 ounces directly to foam. Using a trigger spray nozzle will provide better contact with foam, and agitation will aid dispersion.


Important: Always read and follow all label instructions before using Coastal products. The information contained on this website provides general information about our products. For complete product application guidelines, refer to the individual product label. For more information, please contact a Coastal representative.