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Nutritionals: Advance Family of Products – Plant Growth Enhancers

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Advance LCO combines the nutritional advantages of Advance Concentrate with the power of LCO Promoter Technology®. Advance LCO is a crop enhancement treatment containing LCO Promoter Technology for Corn and a proprietary composition of natural carboxylic acids secreted by soil bacteria, fungi, and plant roots to enhance solubilization and uptake of plant nutrients. Advance LCO enhances root development and early growth and also solubilizes nutrients making them more available to plants. Advance LCO is a natural material mimicking the way nature solubilizes nutrients for absorption. The combination leads to improved plant health, better utilization of nutrients and higher yielding plants from the roots up.


  • Enhances root development and early growth
  • Solubilizes nutrients making them more available to plants
  • Better utilization of nutrients
  • Improves plant health
  • Higher yielding plants from the roots up


  • In corn: 8-10 ounces per acre in furrow neat or mixed with starter fertilizer in furrow or 2 x 2 banded applications.


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