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Nutritionals: Quantum Family of Products – Foliar Fertilizer Solutions

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Quantum SDS nutritional products are clean (low salt) plant nutrient solutions utilizing a patented steady-delivery urea polymer-based technology that delivers nutrients to crops over a 60 to 90 day period. Quantum SDS nutritional products promote consistent growth and strong healthy plants. Quantum SDS products are compatible with a wide variety of materials and can be applied in a variety of ways including soil banding, surface dribble or spray, fertigation, and of course foliar sprays.

Quantum SDS products are available in a variety of analysis to meet any need for most crops including:

  • 15-0-12-8S
  • 5-0-20-13S
  • 18-0-8-5S
  • 21-0-0 with micronutrient package (Quantum for Corn)
  • 0-0-25-17S
  • 30L slow release nitrogen


  • Promotes uniform growth and strong healthy plants
  • Available in a variety of analysis to meet any need for most crops
  • Clean choride-free solution with high potassium and sulfur content
  • Steady delivery of nutrients to plants over a 60 to 90 day period
  • Nutrients are water soluble and readily available to the plant
  • Excellent way to boost potassium and sulfur levels
  • Ideal product to supply potassium when crop demand is high
  • Nitrogen source facilitates uptake of other nutrients
  • Contains a stable form of nitrogen that resists leaching and has reduced volatility
  • Excellent stability and compatible with a wide variety of materials
  • Compatible with other micronutrient applications
  • Can be applied in a variety of ways (see application)
  • Boosts resistance to environmental stress
  • Neutral to slightly acidic solution


  • Application rate is 1-2 gallons per acre.
  • May be applied in a band, surface dribble or spray, fertigation or foliarly.


Important: Always read and follow all label instructions before using Coastal products. The information contained on this website provides general information about our products. For complete product application guidelines, refer to the individual product label. For more information, please contact a Coastal representative.