Crop Protection

Crop Protection

Crop Protection Products

Coastal AgroBusiness offers a complete line of crop protection products. We work closely with a wide range of worldwide and regional basic agricultural manufacturers to offer our customers the best products on the market. We also develop our own line of products, many which work in combination with our suppliers’ brands.

Coastal’s crop protection brands include adjuvants, tobacco sucker controls, plant nutrition products and seed treatments. Growers can count on our knowledgeable, trained sales team to recommend the right products and solutions for optimum pest control, excellent crop health and maximum yields.

Crop Protection

Coastal’s Suppliers

Crop ProtectionWith over 60 years of experience, Coastal AgroBusiness has built strong relationships with our suppliers. Because we believe research and innovation are essential to meet the evolving challenges of crop production, we fully support our suppliers’ research and development efforts, and embrace advancements that make agricultural products increasingly safe and effective. As new products come on the market, our sales team gains product expertise through education and training provided by the basic manufacturers as well as our own field testing.

Coastal Research

Crop ProtectionWe routinely perform local field tests on Coastal products, on basic manufacturer products, and on basic products used with Coastal products. The results of our testing help us to:

  • Demonstrate the value of using each product
  • Equip our sales team as stewards of new basic products
  • Ensure we provide customers with the right product recommendations