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Get More From Your Cotton Defoliation Program

The purpose of cotton defoliation is to chemically accelerate the natural senescence (aging) process. Defoliant products are designed to stimulate this natural process. MATRIXX improves the performance of your cotton defoliation program by getting defoliant active materials to the target faster, more thoroughly and more efficiently through better coverage of leaves and bolls and by better penetration of the canopy.

How Matrixx Works – Leaf Penetration and Boll Coverage
Many defoliant products must enter the target leaf and plant surfaces to achieve results.  Matrixx works to reduce the surface tension of [...]

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2016 Virginia Ag Expo

The Virginia Ag Expo, set for Thursday, August 4, 2016, will be held at Double B Farms, owned and operated by Billy Bain, in Dinwiddie, Va. The event opens at 7:30 AM with field tours starting at 8:00 AM. Breakfast and lunch will be available from a variety of local civic organizations and food truck vendors. As a sponsor of the event, Coastal AgroBusiness will be present to showcase AgroVision Precision Technologies, Coastal products and services as well as a Coastal test plot. Stop by to see [...]

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2016 Blacklands Farm Managers Tour

The 2016 Blacklands Farm Managers Tour will take place Wednesday, August 3. Hosts of this year’s event are Dawson and Bethany Pugh of Middle Creek Farms in Hyde County, NC. Registration begins at 7:00 AM with plot tours beginning at 8:00 PM. Lunch is provided.

Coastal is a Silver Sponsor of this event. While you are there, come visit the Coastal display which will feature AgroVision Precision Technologies, and Coastal products and services.

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Where Technology Meets Dirt

Join Coastal AgroVision Precision Technologies at the third annual “Where Technology Meets Dirt” Road Tour hosted by Ag Leader® on Thursday, June 23, 2016 at the Vernon James Research Center in Plymouth, NC.

Come discover how precision farming technology can help you manage inputs – seed, fertilizer, water and data – to maximize outputs. You’ll see the latest technology in action with live field demonstrations.
This educational and action-packed event is geared towards growers interested in learning how technology yields results. Come learn from local growers, local experts and local [...]

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Keys to Successful Tobacco Sucker Control

In today’s flue-cured tobacco production environment, tobacco suckers must be controlled for as long as 10-12 weeks. To achieve the best tobacco yields and quality while keeping production costs down, you need an effective sucker control program. With over 50 years of experience in the sucker control business, Coastal has developed and refined our proven successful sucker control program. To see our 2016 Tobacco Sucker Control Program
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Reduce Spray Drift

Important considerations for reducing spray drift include proper nozzle selection; spray technique including spray pressure, angle and application speed; evaluation of environmental conditions such as wind direction and temperature inversions; buffer zones and susceptible crops. To maximize drift reduction potential, add Drift-X DRT to your drift reduction plan.

Drift-X DRT (Drift Reduction Technology) is a consistently high-performing deposition and drift management agent that delivers 20% more product to the target and provides uniform coverage on the targeted surface. Drift-X DRT reduces the number of spray droplet fines (less than 100 microns), [...]

Unlock Nutrient Potential for Your Crops

Maximize yield potential by giving your crop the advantage for early season growth, strong root development and improved plant vigor. Whether a starter program is used or not, most any crop needs one of Coastal’s Advance products at planting. The common ingredient in our Advance products, a blend of three natural carboxylic acids, solubilizes nutrients for better availability, absorption and uptake.

Coastal AgroBusiness, Inc. Opens Two New Locations

Coastal AgroBusiness, Inc. is pleased to announce the opening of new locations in Edenton, NC and Monetta, SC to broaden its capability to supply vital agricultural products, ideas and solutions to new customers in these areas.

The Edenton, NC location expands Coastal’s presence in northeastern North Carolina. Our Colerain location, established in 1999, will work closely with the Edenton location, with Colerain serving areas west of the Chowan River and Edenton serving areas east of the Chowan.

The Monetta, SC location, about 30 miles west of Columbia, SC, reaches peach and [...]

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Coastal at the Southern Farm Show, Feb. 3-5

The 2016 Southern Farm Show – the largest agricultural expo in the Carolinas and Virginia – has become a yearly tradition for farmers and anyone associated with the agricultural industry.

Coastal will be there and we want to see you! Come visit us at our booth #7032 in the Scott Tent at the NC State Fairgrounds in Raleigh. We’ll be there each day, Wednesday through Friday, February 3-5, from 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM. Let us show you the latest products, equipment and services that can make your farm more [...]

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Solar Farming: Not a Good Use of Agricultural Land

By: Ron Heiniger
NCSU Professor and Extension Specialist,
Corn/Soybeans/Small Grains
Crop Science

You can’t help but notice changes on the landscape of agriculture in North Carolina in the form of solar farms. The question arises are these uses of agricultural land a good thing or something we will come to regret. As an agronomist who works with crops and soils every day and as one who has gone through a life-changing event that changed my future from being a farmer in Kansas to my present position as an extension specialist, [...]

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