Coastal Three Point Hitch Sprayer – Hydraulic-Tilt

Hydraulic-Tilt-Sprayer_DSC_4644_combo_large_800pxCoastal three point hitch hydraulic tilt sprayers are assembled to the customer’s specifications and are professionally welded using the highest standards for welding and materials. Our frames are rugged and constructed from premium grade metals, and our hydraulic systems are top line for years of smooth operation and service.

Customizable features

  • Tanks are available in 65 to 300 gallon round or 200 to 500 gallon oval sizes
  • Sprayer boom widths are available from 36 feet to 78 feet

Standard features

  • Norwesco® UV protected high density polyethylene (HDPE) tanks with Viton® gaskets
  • TeeJet® controls (manual or electric)
  • TeeJet® nozzle assemblies and tips
  • Hypro® pumps

Optional features

  • 9 gallon hand wash tank
  • 5-10 gallon foam marker systems
  • Quick fill plumbing
  • GPS guidance systems
  • Hydraulic-Tilt-Sprayer_DSC_4880_large_800px
    Front View

  • Hydraulic-Tilt-Sprayer_DSC_4864_large_800px

  • Electric Ball Valve Controls; Hydraulic Controls

    Electric Ball Valve Controls; Hydraulic Controls

  • Hydraulic-Tilt-Sprayer_DSC_4744_large_800px

    Close Up Hydraulic Multiplier Valve

  • Hydraulic-Tilt-Sprayer_DSC_4795_large_800px

    Hydraulic Double Fold in Transport Position

  • Hydraulic Double Fold in Field Position

    Hydraulic Double Fold in Field Position

  • Spring Loaded Breakaway

    Spring Loaded Breakaway

  • 5 Head Nozzle

    5 Head Nozzle

  • 3 Head Nozzle

    3 Head Nozzle

  • Hydraulic-Tilt-Sprayer_DSC_4818_large_800px

    Side view, Transport position

  • Side view

    Side view, Field Position

  • Back angle view

    Back angle view

  • Back view angle

    Back angle view

  • Hydraulic-Tilt-Sprayer_DSC_4669_large_800px

    Spring and Shock Absorber, Customized Boom, Hydraulic Leveling