Coastal Intern Featured in NCSU CALS Student Spotlight

In a recent NCSU CALS Student Spotlight, Hunter Williams shares his experience as a summer intern at Coastal.  Williams, who is pursuing an associate degree in agribusiness management through the CALS Agricultural Institute (AGI), gives insight to the technical and customer services skills he gained over the summer. Williams describes the hands-on precision agriculture training he received while working alongside precision technology specialist Dustin Boykin.  Boykin himself is a 2015 NCSU CALS graduate and interned for two summers at Coastal before joining Coastal full-time.  Josh

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Farming the Future Conference

Join us December 14, 2021 to hear how industry dynamics and technology will shape the future of agriculture.

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2021 Precision Technologies Summer Promotions

Save Now on Precision Technology Equipment and AVP Planters.

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2020 AgroVision Summer Promotions

Save now on a new planter or on upgrades to your existing planter with these Summer Deals.

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2019 Precision Technologies Summer Promotions

Precision Technologies Summer Promotions from AgLeader®, Precision Planting® and Harvest™ International, Inc.

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2019 Precision Technology Field Day

Join us for Precision Technology Field Day June 20, 2019 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

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AquaSpy Soil Moisture Probe System

Get real-time measurement of soil moisture, nutrients and temperature at the active root zone, so you can make critical decisions for the best possible yield.  AquaSpy® probe system is a fully-integrated solution which includes all necessary components – probe, telemetry and software.  Track crop behavior through a 48″ profile and see real-time data for every 4 inches of soil.

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