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AVP1230FF Planter Description

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This planter is a Harvest™ International 30’ PB3030 with 12 row, 30” row spacing. It has LaserPro 1™ row units with 1.6 bu hoppers.  The drive system is Precision Planting® electric drive paired with DeltaForce® hydraulic down force system. It has row unit mounted Yetter no-till coulters as well as Yetter’s trailing dual 2x2x2 fertilizer system and wet-tail Keetons.  The liquid fertilizer system consists of a wheel-driven John Blue pump with 400 gallon tank and Redball® liquid monitors.  Planter was used for demonstration purposes, is slightly used and in great shape.

AVP1230FF Planter Specifications

  • Yetter 2x2x2
  • Keeton Seed Firmer
  • Harvest™ International Bar
  • CDS – John Blue Pump
  • 400 Gallon Liquid Tank
  • Redball® Spray Monitors
  • No-Till Coulter
  • DeltaForce®
  • vDrive®
AVP1230FF Flier

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