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AVP2315SF Planter Description

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This planter is a Harvest™ International 30’ SB3015 23 row, 15″ row spacing. It has LaserPro 1N narrow row units for better maneuverability and trash flow as well as row lock-ups for the ability to plant 12 row, 30” row spacing. It has Central Seed Delivery with mini hoppers and dual lift assist wheels. Planter comes standard with Precision Planting vDrive®, DeltaForce® and vSet® 2 meters. It has Yetter trailing dual 2x2x2 fertilizer system on the 12 corn rows and cast iron closing wheels. The fertilizer system is a John Blue pump with Redball® liquid monitors. Planter was used for demonstration purposes, is slightly used and in great shape.

AVP2315SF Planter Specifications

  • Yetter 2x2x2
  • Center Fill
  • Harvest™ International Bar
  • CDS -John Blue Pump
  • 23 15’’ Bean Rows
  • 12 30” Corn Rows
  • Redball® Spray Monitors
  • Cast Iron Closing Wheels
  • DeltaForce®
  • vDrive®
AVP2315SF Flier

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