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HI PB4020 Series II Planter Description

This 2018 Planter is a Harvest™ International 40’ PB4020 Series II 24 row 20” row spacing with Harvest™ International Bar. It has LaserPro 1N™ narrow row units for better maneuverability and trash flow. Planter has a Central Seed Delivery with mini hoppers. Planter comes with Precision Planting® vDrive®, DeltaForce®, vSet® 2 meters, and WaveVision® seed tubes. Planter also includes row markers, Harvest™ International Lazer Sweeps, Furrow Jets with Flow Sense, 300 gallon frame mounted tank with fertilizer control, and 16” tracks. Includes Gen 3 Precision Planter Monitor, Harvest™ International box for folding, and Cab Fertilizer Controller.

Planter has only been driven 1800 acres and is ready for the 2022 planting season.

HI PB4020 Series II Planter Specifications

  • LaserPro™ 1 Row Unit
  • Center Fill
  • Harvest™ International Bar
  • WaveVision®
  • Multiple Technology Options and Attachments Available
  • DeltaForce®
  • vDrive®

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