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HI PB4015 Planter

This planter is a Harvest™ International 40’ PB4015 31 row, 15″ row spacing. It has LaserPro 1N narrow row units for better maneuverability and trash flow as well as row lock-ups for the ability to plant 16 row, 30” row spacing. It is Central Seed Delivery with mini hoppers.  Planter comes standard with Precision Planting® vDrive®, DeltaForce® and vSet® 2 meters.  It has row markers and the ability to add a variety of Yetter and Precision Planting attachments.  Closing wheels are not included. Quick Attach Keeton brackets are installed.

HI PB4015 Specifications

  • LaserPro 1™ Row Unit
  • Center Fill
  • Harvest International Bar
  • 31×15” Bean Rows or 16×30” Corn Rows
    Multiple Technology Options and Attachments Available
  • DeltaForce®
  • vDrive®
HI PB4015 Flier

For more information and pricing, contact your Coastal AgroVision Solutions Advisor
800-758-1828 or 252-751-1063.