Project Description

Third Party Planter

John Deere 1770NT 

This John Deere 1770NT has 16R 30” CCS Row Markers controlled with Precision Planting® components and recently rebuilt row units, CCS hose, and vacuum.

Installed Components:

  • Second Vacuum
  • Exapta Valion Seed Tube Guard
  • Mudsmith Wheels
  • Cast Closing Wheels
  • 500 Fertlizer Tank
  • Two SurePoint Ag Electric Tower Pumps plumbed for in-furrow and 2x2x2

Precision Planting Components:

  • Gen 3 20|20® Monitor
  • vSet2® Meters and Mini Hoppers with 16 row vDrive®
  • DeltaForce®
  • CleanSweep®
  • SmartFirmer® sensors on 4 rows and Keeton® Seed Firmers on 12
  • In-Furrow 8 Section vApplyHD® with 16 row FlowSense™
  • 2x2x2 Liquid System with John Blue Pump

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