AVP Series Planters

AVP Series Planters

Designed and built to optimize planting productivity and integrate seamlessly with new precision technology, the AVP Planter plants at higher speeds with precision, accuracy and row-by-row control.

AVP Features

With 40+ different model options, customize your planter to suit the specific needs of your operation.

Row Unit Options

  • Yetter bolt through style closing wheels
  • Yetter row cleaners and no-till coulters
  • Ag Focus® FastTrac™ closing wheel system
  • Ag Focus® PlanterPro® row cleaners
  • Precision Planting vDrive Insecticide

Fertilizer Control Options

  • Coastal Electric Pump Kit
  • AgLeader® DirectCommand™ for reliable application rate control
  • SureFire Ag Systems
  • Precision Planting vApplyHD for on-row flow measurement and control

Fertilizer Placement & Storage Options

  • Precision Planting Keeton Seed Firmer
  • S-Drip pipe
  • Precision Planting FurrowJet
  • Yetter front mounted 2×2 coulter
  • Yetter trailing 2×2 and 2x2x2 system
  • 300 gallon liquid fertilizer tank and platform (pull-type only)
  • 500 gallon liquid fertilizer tank and platform (pull-type only)
  • 1000 gallon tank and deck (pull-type only)
  • Multiple tank mounting and size configurations for stack fold and rigid planters