Frontfold Planter

Coastal Frontfold Planters boast innovative design features that allow for bulk fill or box seed delivery and are configurable for narrow, wide, or twin row spacings. Planters are built ready for Ag Leader® and Precision Planting® technology and high-speed planting. Customizable row cleaner, closing wheel, fertilizer placement, and control options allow you to build your planter to meet your specific needs.

Standard Features

  • SureDrive™/vDrive® Paired with Precision Planting® vSet2® Meter
  • SureForce™/DeltaForce® Hydraulic Downforce
  • External Steel Hydraulic Feed Lines
  • Get&Grab™ Latch Transport System
  • Front Tongue-Mount Hydraulic Manifold
  • Interchangeable Hitch
  • MuckMaster Transport Tires
  • Integrated Vacuum Tubing
  • Integrated Mounting Platform for PDM/PCM and Downforce Manifold
  • Wing Joint Flex Points
  • Trifold Row Marker

Optional Features:

  • Dual 45bu CSD System
  • 1.6bu, 3bu, or Mini-Hoppers
  • Yetter™, Ag Focus® & Precision Planting® Fertilizer, or Closing Wheels
  • Row Cleaner Attachments
  • 300 or 500-Gallon Fertilizer Tank
  • Customizable Fertilizer Control Systems
  • Dual Transport Tracks
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