Stackfold Planter

Coastal Stackfold Planters are the heaviest built planters on the market offering customizable features such as bulk fill or box seed delivery and row spacings for narrow, wide, or twin configurations. Customers have the option to build their planter for high speed planting with industry leading technology such as Ag Leader®, Precision Planting®, and Yetter™. Customizable row cleaner, closing wheel, fertilizer placement, and control options allow you to build your planter to meet your specific needs.

Standard Features:

  • SureDrive™/vDrive® Paired with Precision Planting® vSet2® Meter
  • 4cc or 6cc Vacuum
  • Stainless Steel Hydraulic Feed Lines
  • Under Bar Wing UltraLift™ Cylinder
  • SureForce™/DeltaForce® Hydraulic Downforce
  • Vacuum Tubing Integrated into Toolbar
  • Harvest International™ LaserPro 1™/LaserPro 1N™ Row Units
  • Integrated Mounts for PDM/RCM & Downforce Manifold
  • Harvest International™, Moore-Built, or Orthman Toolbars (model dependent)
  • Cat 3 or Cat 4 Hitch Variations

Optional Features:

  • 1.6bu, 3bu, or Mini-Hoppers
  • HydraFlex™ Gull Wing Package
  • 45 Units CSD System
  • Yetter™, Ag Focus® & Precision Planting® Fertilizer, or Closing Wheels
  • Row Cleaner Attachments
  • Lift Assist Wheels
  • Customizable Fertilizer Control Systems
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