CapstanAG specializes in precision application systems for the agricultural industry, primarily focusing on chemical and fertilizer application.

The basis of Capstan Ag’s award-winning technology is independent pressure control, which maintains pressure at the spray tip for instant on, instant off and individual nozzle control.


Big Features.  Small Price.

Experience pulsing nozzle technology by adding EVO Spray, the Capstan AG system available for most sprayer types, and achieve the Blended Pulse accuracy and uniformity in your application.

Apply with Precision.

Individual nozzle control with the PinPoint II system maximizes efficiency through increased accuracy.

Spray Nozzle Optimization System.

Orchard air blast sprayer calibration is critical to cost and efficiency. The SYNCHRO spray nozzle system is designed to maximize your nozzles, the easy to use set up tool allows for droplet selection, setting rate and pressure that will optimize sprayer performance.


Want control of your fertilizer? Select your application, dictate results, maximize your seed choice.

Start your planting season with the recommended dose of liquid product at the seed level. Instead of gallons per acre, SelectShot delivers the set dose per seed right where it’s most effective.


Optimize Every Nozzle.

Achieve optimal results with the breakthrough technology of SwathPRO – Aerial individual nozzle spray control system.