Upgrade the planter you already own and maximize its performance.

Premier Dealers are trained, knowledgeable experts that partner with you to evaluate your existing planting and harvest equipment, and maximize your investment.

We are here to prepare you and support you throughout each season.

Only Premier Dealers offer the entire Precision Planting product line.

Monitoring and Measurement

20 / 20

Data Drives Decisions

Take the blindfold off


See Inside the Soil

Accurate Harvest Data for Spatial Management


Electric drive that eliminates a complicated mechanical drive system and gives you a picket fence stand – no matter the crop.

Effortless Meter Accuracy

Every Seed Every Time


Plant the Right Hybrid in the Right Place

A Better Finger Meter

Dual Meter Multi-Hybrid

Save Money With Ease

Downforce Control

Automated Downforce control that has been proven on hundreds of thousands of rows.

Automated Seeder DownForce Control

Planter Wide Automated DownForce Control

Seed Delivery

Hit the planting window, all while keeping seeds under control and in their place.

See Seeds, Not Dust

Longer Seed Tube Life, Better Spacing

Liquid Control / Delivery

Accurate Liquid Control Made Simple

Optimum Starter Placement


Easy Row Cleaner Adjustments

Seed to Soil Contact Made Easy