Spray Adjuvants: Nitrogen-based Adjuvants

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AMS Plus is a highly active ammonium sulfate drift retardant solution designed to reduce drift while enhancing herbicide performance by modifying solution pH and water hardness. AMS Plus has been found to promote herbicide uptake in agricultural applications.


  • Reduces drift while enhancing herbicide performance
  • Promotes herbicide uptake
  • Contains an anti-drift agent to reduce off target movement of the spray solution
  • Contains anti-foam agents to improve mixing capabilities


  • Apply AMS Plus at 2.5-5 gallons per 100 gallons of water
  • AMS Plus at 2.5 gallons = 9.5 lbs. of actual ammonium sulfate
  • Mixing order: 1) Water, 2) AMS Plus, 3) Pesticide, 4) Adjuvant
  • Can be used with any pesticide product that suggests the use of an ammonium sulfate or nitrogen base additive