Spray Adjuvants: Utility Products

Pre-Vent™, a VaporGrip® Xtra Agent, is a Volatility Reduction Agent (VRA) that may be used as an additional tool to reduce volatility potential when tank mixed with dicamba.

Use of Pre-Vent™ does not replace an approved drift reduction adjuvant (DRA). Pre-Vent™ is a volatility reducing agent but does not fully eliminate all volatility potential. Pre-Vent™ does not control drift.


  • Pre-Vent™ is an approved Volatility Reduction Agent (VRA) for tank mixing with Xtendimax®, Engenia® and Tavium®.


  • Always follow the precautions, restrictions, recommended use rates, and application directions appearing on the labels for each product to be tank mixed.
  • Minimum use rate is 20 oz/acre.  See label for application rates.