Screen It

Spray Adjuvants: Utility Products

SCREEN IT sun protectant and anti-transpirant is a unique proprietary blend of long chain fatty alcohols and their ethoxylates that coat plant and leaf surfaces to reflect heat energy thereby reducing transpiration rates. SCREEN IT has unique UV absorption properties that aid in the prevention of sun scald of leaves, tissues and fruit.  SCREEN IT lowers canopy temperatures and transpiration to reduce heat and water stress in crops.  SCREEN IT does not affect normal gaseous exchange of plant tissue.


  • Many crops have shown improved fruit color, less russeting, sunburn, and cracking resulting in improved crop quality.
  • Compatible with most crop protection products and fertilizers.
  • Does not leave detectable residue on harvested fruit, nuts or vegetables and does not require any steps for removal.


  • Apply prior to anticipated heat events for protection without affecting normal gaseous exchange of plants.
  • Maintain coverage throughout periods of high heat.
  • For sunburn/sun scald protection, apply SCREEN IT to burn- or scald-prone fruit, leaves, or limb and bark surfaces before conditions conducive to sunburn occur.
  • When initiating sprays for sunburn or sunscald protection where there have been no previous sprays, begin sprays after early fruit formation and provide thorough coverage to all fruit or other surfaces with one or two full rate applications one week apart.
  • Depending upon the length of high heat period, additional applications may be necessary at 7 to 21 day intervals.
  • Refer to label for use rates.