Spray Adjuvants: Crop Oils

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Spectrum is a top choice nonionic spray adjuvant containing methylated seed oils and a two phase organo-siloxane based surfactant/emulsifier system. It provides penetration properties superior to crop oil concentrate with the coverage of a nonionic surfactant. Spectrum works by lowering the surface tension of the spray solution while providing excellent penetration and canopy deposition characteristics. Spectrum is the choice of adjuvants for burndown, preplant, and early in-crop applications where residual chemistries are used.


  • Superior coverage, canopy penetration and leaf absorption
  • Improves pre-emergence herbicide application by improved soil penetration, coverage, and retention
  • Provides 8 times the coverage of water alone when applied at 3 pints per 100 gallons


  • Apply Spectrum at 3-4 pints per 100 gallons of water
  • Designed for low application volumes (10 gallons per acre or less)
  • With pre-emergence herbicides, apply Spectrum at 8 ounces per acre