Nutritionals: NutriSol Family of Products – Foliar Nutrients

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NutriSol 10% Zinc is a formulation designed for use in soil and foliar applications on crops requiring zinc. It may be applied in foliar applications to growing crops alone or with pesticides and may also be applied directly to soil alone or with pesticides or herbicides. NutriSol 10% Zinc may be used in drip irrigation systems and is compatible with most water-dispersed pesticides. It may be applied by conventional, low-volume or air application and is recommended for all field, row and vegetable crops.

Zinc is an essential element for plant growth because it controls the synthesis of indoleacetic acid which dramatically regulates growth. Zinc is involved in many enzymatic reactions within the plant and is necessary for chlorophyll synthesis, carbohydrate and starch formation and metabolism. Zinc is also involved in the rate of protein synthesis and is utilized to produce growth hormones. Zinc is needed for proper seed development and maturity.


  • For use on crops requiring zinc
  • An essential element for plant growth, and seed development and maturity
  • Versatile soil and foliar application methods
  • Compatible with most water-dispersed pesticides


  • Apply 1-3 quarts per acre
  • All Row Crops and Vegetable Crops
  • Each quart contains 0.27 lbs. of actual zinc
  • Each quart also supplies 0.13 lbs. of sulfur