Nutritionals: NutriSol Family of Products – Foliar Nutrients

NutriSol 10% Boron is a premium formulation designed for use in soil and foliar applications on crops requiring Boron. NutriSol 10% Boron can be used in liquid fertilizers, suspensions or in water, and is compatible with most pesticides and fertilizers. Boron primarily regulates carbohydrate metabolism in plants and is an essential element for protein synthesis, seed and cell formation, germination of pollen grains and growth of pollen tubes. Boron also aids in sugar translocation. Boron deficiency affects buds, flowers, and root tips. Derived from boric acid.


  • Boron is an essential element for healthy buds, flowers and root tips
  • Compatible with most pesticides and fertilizers
  • Used in liquid fertilizers, suspensions or in water


  • Apply 1-2 quarts per acre.
  • Crops: Corn, Cotton, Peanuts, Soybeans, Tobacco and other crops requiring boron.
  • Each quart contains 0.25 lbs. of actual boron.