Effective and efficient plant nutrient management is fundamental to a successful crop production strategy. With the right blend of fertilizer that is properly applied, crops get precisely the nutrients they need for healthy growth and increased yield.


Coastal assists growers with the decision-making process and provides quality products to achieve optimal results. Our crop nutrients – primarily nitrogen, phosphate, potash and sulfur – are supplied by a wide range of reputable international and regional fertilizer companies.

We specialize in helping customers determine the specific nutrients needed for their soil, and prescribing the right solution, timing and applications to ensure a healthy, abundant crop.

Our fertilizer services:

  • Custom blends
  • Bulk and bag fertilizers
  • Liquid nitrogen
  • Lime and land plaster
  • Boundary mapping
  • GPS soil sampling
  • Soil sample analysis
  • Customized fertility plans
  • Delivery and application
  • Variable rate application services

We offer both dry and liquid fertilizers:

  • Feature blends are formulated to meet the specific needs of local soil types.
  • Custom blends are formulated using a prescription that is based on site-specific soil analysis.

We operate fertilizer blending plants at several locations, and service all of our locations from these plants.