Seed Treatments

Protect your seed and stimulate healthy growth from the start.

ProShield is the Coastal AgroBusiness brand of custom-blended seed treatment for small grains, cotton and soybeans.

ProShield seed treatments are extensively researched and rigorously tested by our team of agronomists and solutions advisors in combination with third-party research.  We work with you to select the precise coverage needed based on soil samples, nematode samples, scouting reports and knowledge of local farmland.

Our commitment is to provide solutions that sustainably yield the most profitable acre, for this growing season and the seasons to come.

The ProShield Advantage

Proprietary Biologicals

ProShield with Impact ST and Stabilize ST, 3 DAP

The unique advantage of ProShield is the inclusion of two proprietary biologicals:

  • Impact ST: Always included in our treated seed, this crop health bio-stimulant improves the germination process of seeds, resulting in faster, uniform seedling emergence.  Impact ST aids in the formation of new roots and elongation of existing roots and young tissues, supporting healthy seedling growth in the early stages of development.
  • Stabilize ST: Stabilize ST is an optional biological that improves plant vigor and enhances root, shoot and plant growth.  It does this by expanding the root’s ability to efficiently absorb moisture and nutrients under variable environmental conditions.

Crop-Specific Protection

To protect against early season insects and disease, ProShield includes the insecticides, fungicides and/or nematicides prescribed for the specific crop.


Supplementary micronutrients, zinc and molybdenum, are added as prescribed for improved plant growth.  Nutrisol 10% Zinc is utilized when needed as zinc is an essential nutrient for seed development and plant growth.  Nutrisol 10% Molybdenum may be prescribed if test results indicate a need for it.  Molybdenum is essential for nitrogen fixation and nitrate reduction.


For soybean seed treatments, trial-tested and proven inoculants may be prescribed for nitrogen fixation.

ProShield Key Benefits

  • Increased early season root development
  • Better early season plant health
  • Increased stand counts
  • Uniform seedling emergence
  • Disease control
  • Insect control
  • Protection against nematodes
  • Improved early season tiller development in wheat

Seed Treatment Options

ProShield treatment options allow you to choose from several different levels of protection, specific to your crop.

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