Data Driven Solutions

Make Your Data Work for You

Coastal AgroBusiness Agrolytix utilizes the latest in precision technology and data analytics to give you precise, accurate agronomic solutions for optimizing planting, fertilization and crop protection.  Agrolytix is platform independent, confidential and secure.

Our Agrolytix team of precision agronomy and ag data specialists is ready to help you gain actionable insights from your data to maximize yield potential for this season and the next.

Maximize ROI on Every Acre, Every Season

Whether you’re just beginning to use precision ag tools or have years of historical data, we help you put your data to work to increase productivity and efficiency on your farm while maximizing your return on investment.

Client Centered. Solutions Focused. Results Driven.

At Coastal, our clients’ success is at the center of all that we do.  Your local Solutions Advisor is backed by a full team of experienced, knowledgeable specialists who are ready to help you reach your goals.  Our Agrolytix team provides valuable insights that will inform your seed selection, fertility plan and crop protection.  Our experts in each of these areas work together to make recommendations tailored for your unique business.  With our extensive logistics capabilities, we deliver products to your farm when you need them.  If additional tools or equipment are needed to get the job done, our AgroVision Precision Ag Specialists are there to help you with selection, installation, training and maintenance.

Data that Drives Better, Unbiased Agronomic Decisions

How Agrolytix Works

Data collected from multiple sources is used to understand the spatial variability of your fields and the factors that affect production.  Agrolytix compiles and organizes this information to generate prescriptive recommendations so you can plan ahead and know what your fields need before problems arise.  Agrolytix prescriptions are delivered to you either in report format or for input into your machinery’s display.

Management Zones

Management zones refer to the identification of the least-productive to most-productive areas of a field.  The purpose of management zones is to specifically assess the input requirements of each zone to maximize productivity and yield potential while also reducing input costs and environmental impact. Yield data in combination with satellite imagery are often used to accurately determine zones.

Our Agrolytix team has the experience and expertise to help you set up or fine-tune your management zones.  Once zones are established, it’s easier to address problem areas, utilize variable rate technology and estimate yield.

Soil Sampling Analysis

Soil sampling assesses the nutrient status of your field, down to precise zones within the field.  Based on the analysis, a customized nutrient management plan is created to optimize plant growth and achieve your yield goals.

Plant Tissue Analysis

Plant tissue analysis is a trouble-shooting tool used to diagnose potential nutrient deficiencies during the growing season.  The results may indicate a need for in-season adjustments to your fertility plan as well as contribute to the overall understanding of factors influencing your crop’s health.

Satellite Imagery

Satellite Imagery is a helpful tool to monitor crop health and identify crop stress caused by pests, disease, nutrient deficiencies or drought.  Therefore, it plays an important role in making informed agronomic decisions.  Combined with normalized yield history, satellite imagery also helps to further refine the zone determination process.

Machine Data

Farm machinery can produce enormous amounts of data, such as yield data, planting data, as-applied data and more.  But, how do you use this data to improve decision making?  We can help you make sense of it all.  The Agrolytix team assists in the consolidation and interpretation of this data; and when combined with all other data sources, we deliver precision agronomy solutions to make your business more profitable and efficient.