Peanut Buying, Drying and Grading

Coastal AgroBusiness appreciates the value that peanut farming brings to eastern North Carolina’s agricultural economy. We have invested significant resources to support a thriving peanut industry. Peanut farming is important for our regional economy because of its profitability as well as the benefits derived as a crop rotation alternative.


We serve peanut farmers through two buying stations located in Kinston, NC and Hamilton, NC, and a custom drying-only operation in Dillon, SC.


Since 1999, we are proud to be a commissioned agent for Birdsong Peanuts based in Suffolk, Virginia. Birdsong is one of the largest peanut shellers in the US and markets peanuts to customers throughout the world.

With our extensive fleet of 104 peanut drying trailers and 38 dryers, we have the capacity to operate non-stop during harvest time. Our efficient management works tirelessly to achieve fast turn-around of every truckload and consequently ensures timely completion of our customers’ harvest.

Our peanut buying services include:

  • Offering peanut contracts to growers in the winter
  • Supplying the latest varieties of Birdsong seed to growers in the spring
  • Receiving, custom cleaning and drying, and USDA grading during the fall harvest

Contact information for our peanut station locations:


Kinston, NC Location

Coastal AgroBusiness
3102 Hwy NC 11 North
Kinston, NC 28501

Phone: 252-523-1363
Fax: 252-527-3916
Phone: 800-758-3456


Hamilton, NC Location

Coastal AgroBusiness
12011 NC Hwy 125
P.O. Box 339
Hamilton, NC 27840

Phone: 252-798-3481
Phone: 252-798-2447


Dillon, SC Location

Coastal AgroBusiness
(Custom drying only)
2015 Hwy 301 South
P.O. Box 589
Dillon, SC 29536

Phone: 843-774-8204
Fax: 843-774-6244
Phone: 800-854-9209