Spray Adjuvants: Polymeric Adjuvants

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CoFilm is a superior nonionic extender/sticker product designed to extend the life of agricultural crop protection products. CoFilm is used as a retention aid and sticker for crop protection products and fertilizers that are applied to crops and plants, and it is spray tank compatible with all commercially used crop protection products and soluble fertilizers.

In soybean harvest aid applications for early group soybeans, CoFilm helps to increase yields and quality. CoFilm seals the pod to reduce pod shatter and seed loss.


  • Prevents applied materials from washing off foliage
  • Demonstrates superior film forming properties and persistence
  • Increases cohesion of crop protection and nutritional sprays to the target crop through formation of an expanded terpene-based film
  • Greatly reduces the effects of environmental degradation factors that decrease the effectiveness of crop protection sprays
  • Resistant to air, light and moisture penetration, resulting in increased and controlled efficacy of the applied materials
  • Prevents rain and wind erosion
  • Functions as an anti-transpirant
  • Will not clog nozzles and will not foam or freeze
  • Effective in both ground and aerial applications
  • Improves deposition and distribution of sprays to give improved coverage
  • Spray tank compatible


  • For ground applications, apply CoFilm at 1 pint per acre
  • For aerial application, apply CoFilm at 1 pint per acre
  • For air blast tree or hydraulic gun sprays, apply 6-8 ounces per 100 gallons.
  • For concentrate sprays where total volume is 100 gallons per acre or less, use 1 pint of CoFilm per acre
  • For turf applications, use 8 to 16 ounces per acre
  • For use in vegetable, cotton, and other row crop programs, use CoFilm at 6 to 16 ounces per acre