EZ Fume Kit

EZ Fume Kit

The Coastal EZ Fume Kit is an efficient, self-contained fumigant handling system. This PTO driven system not only meters the fumigant during operation, but also transfers fumigants from containers into your application equipment. The closed system eliminates the risk of exposure to soil fumigants. Fumigant flow is initiated by a 12-volt electric switch from the comfort of your tractor. Basic kit is set up for 4-row unit. Kit may also be set up for use on bedder, chisel plow, breaking plow and Mirusso fumigation equipment.

Standard Features

  • Hypro® 6500N PTO Pump with Quick Adapter
  • 12 volt switch
  • Brass check valve assemblies and quick-connect couplers
  • Orifice discs (sized per application)
  • Hose fittings and clamps
  • Polyethylene tubing for complete plumbing (Tank not included)

Optional Features

  • Tool bar mounting bracket kit
  • Stainless steel outlet pipes (variable lengths)
  • 110 gallon – 300 gallon polyethylene tank with Viton® gaskets
  • Tank cradles and mounts
  • Valves and fittings
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