Spray Adjuvants: Crop Oils

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Synergy is a spray adjuvant formulated to enhance the activity of preplant, pre-emerge, and post-applied herbicides. Most herbicides have demonstrated improved performance when used in conjunction with methylated seed oils. Synergy is designed for use with those pesticides or products whose labels recommend the addition of a methylated seed oil, crop oil concentrate, or nonionic spray adjuvant to improve coverage and penetration.


  • Enhances the activity of preplant, pre-emerge, and post-applied herbicides
  • Improves coverage
  • Excellent canopy penetration
  • Greatly increases leaf absorption


  • Apply Synergy at 1.5-2 pints per acre
  • Designed for applications that require a straight methylated seed oil that contains no organo-silicone surfactant (Examples: Osprey®  and Option®)


Osprey® and Option® are registered trademarks of Bayer CropScience.