Matrixx and Excel 2000 OMRI certified

With organic production coming into its own in American mainstream agriculture, Coastal is dedicated to providing its customers with the tools they need to succeed.  We are pleased to announce the OMRI certification of Matrixx and Excel 2000.  These products have proven themselves valuable time and time again, and now their value can be utilized in organic production. Please visit the Matrixx and Excel 2000 products pages for more information about how these products can improve crop yields by improving the coverage of your spray applications.  

Ammonium Nitrate Needed, But Controversial

Michael Carter is a fan of ammonium nitrate. The Arcadia, Fla., citrus grower uses the fertilizer to apply nitrogen to his grove of orange trees. Most citrus growers in the Sunshine State use a blended version of ammonium nitrate, or AN, to provide a slow-release, high-content nitrogen fertilizer to their trees.

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