The purpose of cotton defoliation is to chemically accelerate the natural senescence (aging) process. Defoliant products are designed to stimulate this natural process. MATRIXX improves the performance of your cotton defoliation program by getting defoliant active materials to the target faster, more thoroughly and more efficiently through better coverage of leaves and bolls and by better penetration of the canopy.

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The Keys To Proper Defoliation

  • Leaf removal
  • Boll opening
  • Regrowth prevention

Matrixx helps improve all three!

The Matrixx Defoliation Advantage

  • Increases boll opening 5% – 8%
  • Improved spray coverage
  • Deeper, quicker penetration of defoliant
  • Quicker rainfast times
  • Better results in less than ideal conditions
  • Ability to use lower volumes of water per acre
  • Faster and more complete defoliation
  • Improved defoliant performance

How Matrixx Works – Leaf Penetration and Boll Coverage

Many defoliant products must enter the target leaf and plant surfaces to achieve results.  Matrixx works to reduce the surface tension of the interface between sprays and plant leaves/surfaces and produce a phenomenon called stomatal flooding.  This means the defoliant enters the leaf directly through the tiny openings, or stomates, and moves product into the leaf and boll tissue. The results are better coverage, quicker penetration and enhanced product performance.

Cotton Defoliation Program without Matrixx (Left) vs. Cotton Defoliation Program with Matrixx (Right)

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