Early season competition from weeds and thrips can cause substantial loss to cotton yields. Therefore, it’s important not only to use the right crop protection products but also to use the right spray adjuvant to get maximum performance from the products you use. Matching the right adjuvant to the spray application is key to getting the most from your over-the-top spray.

Matrix logoFor crop protection products requiring a nonionic surfactant, Coastal’s Matrixx is often the product of choice because of its rapid, uniform coverage capabilities. Matrixx is a 100% active ingredient formulation containing a blend of organo-silicone and nonionic co-surfactants. Widely compatible with most crop protection products, the nonionic surfactants in Matrixx reduce surface tension causing superior wetting and spreading. The organo-silicones dramatically increase the absorption into the plant allowing effective translocation of active ingredients and quicker rainfastness. Matrixx is designed for low water volumes (15 gallons of water per acre or less).

Matrixx works well for other crops too, such as peanut and soybean applications.

Talk with your Coastal representative to determine which adjuvant is right for your application, whether it’s Matrixx or one of Coastal’s other quality adjuvants. The bottom line…achieve the best results from your spray application and the products you use to protect your yields.