Apogee®is a plant growth regulator (PGR) used for canopy management, improving harvestability, and improving yields and quality in peanuts. By managing the peanut canopy growth, Apogee® reduces internode length allowing for better row definition and therefore a more efficient and productive harvest. The potential yield benefits come from stronger pegs and improved quality, which allow the peanuts to stay on the vines longer. This minimizes pod shed and pod loss during digging and harvesting operations.

Row definition and canopy management are greatly improved in a twin row production system where “staying on the row” while digging is critical.

Research at NC State University has shown Apogee® to improve yields by over 96 lb/A in 121 trials from 1997-2014*.

When using Apogee® in your peanut program, you must make 2 applications starting at 7.25 oz/A when 50% of the vines from adjacent rows are touching. A second application of 7.25 oz/A should be applied two to three weeks later or when 85-90% of the vines are touching. To increase uptake and improve efficacy, apply Apogee® with Spectrum spray adjuvant and a nitrogen source such as AMS Plus. Apogee® can be tank mixed with most fungicides, insecticides and herbicides. Do not apply Apogee® with calcium based products. Always read the label before making an application of Apogee®.

As always, consult your Coastal AgroBusiness representative to discuss the use of crop protection products that best fit your peanut program.

Always read and follow label instructions.

Apogee is a registered trademark of BASF Corp.
Spectrum and AMS Plus are products of Coastal AgroBusiness, Inc.

* NC Cooperative Extension, NC State University, 2015 Peanut Information

Information provided by Coastal AgroBusiness, Inc.