With the recent adverse weather conditions affecting a shortened planting season, our customers are seeing the benefits of Coastal’s new drift reduction technology product Drift-X DRT (formerly Direct DRT). Drift-X DRT improves the on-target deposition and coverage of your spray application and reduces off-target movement. It performs well for any crop or burndown situation especially around sensitive areas.

Drift-X DRT works by reducing the number of spray droplet fines less than 100 microns, increasing the VMD (Volume Median Diameter) of spray droplets and generating a more uniform droplet size spectrum. Drift-X DRT is designed for use with most fungicides, herbicides, and insecticides that are labeled for agriculture, forestry, golf course, industrial, non-crop, turf and ornamental applications.

Add it to your spray tank last at 4-6 oz/acre.

Talk with your Coastal representative about how Drift-X DRT will work with your drift management strategy.

Information provided by Coastal AgroBusiness, Inc.

Drift-X DRT is a product of Coastal AgroBusiness, Inc.