When the herbicide label calls for a methylated seed oil, SYNERGY is your adjuvant of choice.  Synergy enhances the activity of preplant, pre-emerge no-till, post-emerge over-the-top and post-applied herbicides.  A Coastal proprietary product, Synergy is formulated from agriculturally derived oils and contains a high quality surfactant and emulsifier system for easy mixing in spray solutions.  Synergy works with products that require the addition of a methylated seed oil (MSO), crop oil concentrate (COC) or non-ionic spray adjuvant to improve herbicide performance.  Because of its properties, Synergy improves spray coverage, penetration, leaf absorption and overall pesticide performance, and it is designed to replace non-ionic surfactants and petroleum-based crop oils.

Synergy is especially recommended for use with non-selective herbicides and cotton desiccant and defoliant products.  Synergy is well suited for use under adverse weather conditions when plants are under stress.

When ryegrass control is needed in winter wheat, Synergy is the preferred adjuvant to enhance the performance of Osprey® herbicide.  Synergy is designed to work specifically with Osprey’s chemistry and mode of action.  Synergy improves the coverage, penetration and translocation of the herbicide spray thereby improving performance. (See our winter wheat information sheet for application timing and rates.)

Visit our Synergy product page or refer to the Synergy label for more information on benefits, timing and rates.

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Information provided by Coastal AgroBusiness, Inc.