Resistant weeds are an ongoing threat to crop yields, and likely will be an even bigger problem in 2016 due to the cutback in crop protection inputs in the past year. Weed competition affects yield potential; that’s why it’s important to stay ahead of weeds by keeping fields clean. To give crops the early advantage in the spring, clean-up is needed this fall. Fall herbicide applications are a relatively new but growing practice because of successful results achieved in using residual herbicides to combat resistant weeds.

A fall burndown with residual herbicide application reduces weed seed production, provides control of troublesome winter weeds (such as henbit, ryegrass, marestail, chickweed, bluegrass and wild mustard), and maintains weed control into the spring. Residual weed control through the winter allows the soil to warm faster in the spring making earlier planting possible with better and more vigorous stands. Control of winter weeds helps to prevent habitats for nematodes and insects that vector diseases. In weed-free fields, moisture and nutrients are reserved for the crop.

There are several good herbicide choices for use in a fall cleanup application. Factors affecting performance include weed pressures, resistance issues, tillage practices, timing, application techniques and environmental conditions. Your Coastal representative can help you select the right herbicides for your situation.

Spectrum_ClearThe addition of an adjuvant of the proper type and at the correct rate is critical to the success of the herbicide application. Coastal’s Spectrum is the ideal adjuvant choice for burndown applications where residual chemistries are used. Spectrum contains:

  • highly refined methylated seed oils that provide superior coverage, penetration and retention properties
  • a two phase organo-silicone surfactant system that optimizes spreading and translocation properties, getting more of the active ingredient to its site of action
  • premium emulsifiers that ensure compatibility with a wide array of materials and even distribution in the field, even in cooler weather

Burndown Benefits with the addition of Spectrum:

  • Uniform droplet size to ensure deposition and coverage
  • Better penetration of weed
  • Improves herbicide performance on weeds, even in cooler weather
  • Better control of hard to kill weeds including ryegrass, morning glory, lambsquarter, and marestail

Residual Benefits with the addition of Spectrum:

  • Coats soil evenly and gives a “blanket of protection”
  • Moves into soil profile to give deeper protected zone
  • Holds herbicide in soil profile longer

Contact your Coastal representative for more information on the benefits of a fall burndown/residual application for your fields.

Information provided by Coastal AgroBusiness, Inc.