At Bethel Elementary School’s Annual Career Day on April 27, Coastal AgroBusiness had the opportunity to plant seeds for the future.  Along with other area employers, Coastal representatives Ryan Davis, Greg Arnette and Amy Cicmanec were present to interact with young students and share the many possible career paths available in their community.

By exposing students to a wide variety of career opportunities and showing how the work that others are doing benefits students’ lives, Bethel School aims to inspire young students to grow both academically and personally, enabling them to become productive members of society.

With an engaging display of video, precision agriculture monitor and sample products, Ryan, Greg and Amy enjoyed showing the connection between the ever-changing technological advancements in agriculture and how students can apply what they learn in school subjects such as science and math to careers in agriculture.

Is it a Video Game or a Crop Yield Monitor? Students explore how technology is used to improve farming.

Coastal AgroBusiness booth at Bethel Career Day

Students watch video to learn “What We Do”