Throughout the crop life cycle, all nutrients need to be maintained at optimum levels to maximize yield.  If any single nutrient, including micronutrients, is lacking, crop yield will be reduced.

With recent heavy rains and generally wet conditions, planting practices have been altered in many areas, and soil fertility has most likely been affected.

For crops not yet planted due to wet conditions, applied fertility (dry) may be suspect by the time crops go in the ground, so a good starter program becomes even more important. Micronutrients are a big part of starter programs.  The crop-specific MaxxGro product line is an excellent addition to starter programs because MaxxGro supplies the precise level and ratio of micronutrients needed for the specific crop based on crop uptake and efficiency factors.  MaxxGro crop-specific products are available for corn, soybeans, cotton, peanuts and wheat.

For crops already planted and up, rains and wet conditions have potentially leached nutrients out of the soil.  Again, micronutrients need to be addressed.  MaxxGro can be added to any layby or sidedress nitrogen application to supply needed micronutrients.  If not used in a sidedress or layby application, then MaxxGro needs to be applied foliarly.  This application can be done in any early post herbicide, fungicide, or insecticide spray.

Fully-chelated, MaxxGro provides excellent mixing ability in any application.  MaxxGro products contain penetrants and translocation aids to maximize uptake. MaxxGro’s humectants and growth enhancement compounds boost nutrient efficiency and provide natural bio-stimulant materials that help plants overcome stressed (wet) environments.

To keep optimum nutrient levels in the plant tissue for maximum yields, foliar applications of MaxxGro may be needed to maintain proper micronutrient levels.  MaxxGro may be applied with Quantum to maintain N and K at proper levels.  Quantum is available in a variety of analysis to meet the needs of most crops.

In addition to MaxxGro and Quantum, Coastal offers growers many options  to overcome nutrient deficiencies and/or maintain proper nutrient levels throughout the season to maximize yield potential.  The CCS line of neat chelated micronutrients (and secondary nutrients Ca and Mg)  can be applied alone or with other crop protection or fertility products to remedy specific deficiencies identified through tissue samples.  The NutriSol nutrient line is also designed to prevent and correct deficiencies of a specific nutrient.  Micro581 is another option in the Nutrisol line providing a good balance of micronutrients  – boron, iron, manganese, molybdenum and zinc.

For assistance with developing the right fertility program that meets the demands of your crop, contact your Coastal Solutions Advisor.