To enhance herbicide performance and improve application characteristics, Spectrum is the top choice adjuvant to ensure good coverage, penetration and retention, even in less than ideal conditions.
Why is Spectrum so important for your herbicide application and how does it work?

It contains:

  • Highly refined methylated seed oils that provide superior coverage, penetration and retention properties
  • A two phase organo-silicone surfactant system that optimizes spreading and translocation properties
  • Premium emulsifiers that ensure compatibility with a wide array of materials and even distribution in the field

Spectrum can provide 8 times the coverage of water alone.

Spectrum’s Burndown Benefits:

  • Uniform droplet size to ensure deposition and coverage
  • Better penetration of weed
  • Improves herbicide performance on weeds, even in cooler weather
  • Better control of hard to kill weeds including ryegrass, morning glory, lambsquarter, and marestail

Spectrum’s Residual Benefits:

  • Coats soil evenly and gives a “blanket of protection”
  • Moves into soil profile to give deeper protected zone
  • Holds herbicide in soil profile longer

Visit our Spectrum product page for more information and application guidelines.