Stabilize RZ is a microbial soil amendment that improves soil health and biological activity, causing plants to better utilize water and nutrients.  The result is stronger, healthier plants and higher yields.

Stabilize RZ is an excellent addition to starter fertilizer programs for corn, cotton, soybeans, peanuts and grain sorghum as well as tobacco setter water.  It may also be applied at layby or anytime nutrients are applied to the soil.

Stabilize RZ’s unique blend of proprietary strains of bacteria and endomycorrhizal fungi interact symbiotically with a plant’s root structure to produce beneficial enzymes that break down organic matter, providing nutrients to the growing plant.

Visit the Stabilize RZ product page to learn about it’s many soil health benefits.  And consult your Coastal Solutions Advisor who can help with your overall fertility program.

Originally published 4/4/18. Reposted 3/7/19.