National Corn Yield Contest Winners

National Corn Yield Contest Winners

We would like to congratulate our Coastal AgroBusiness Clients who were recognized in the National Corn Yield Contest! 

North Carolina Winners:

  • Darren Armstrong
  • Delbert Armstrong Jr.
  • Dennis Boerema
  • Charles Grantham
  • Wesley Johnson
  • Adrian Locklear
  • Henry Locklear
  • Talmadge Mathis
  • Kevin Matthews
  • Lucas Richard
  • Ed Wood
  • Keith Wood

South Carolina Winners:

  • Daniel Garrick
  • Daniel Garrick, Jr.
  • Ray Jameson
  • Russ Jameson
  • Tate Jameson
  • William Jameson

Virginia Winners:

  • Ryan Horsley
  • JR Newcomb
  • Patrick Newcomb
  • Robbie Newcomb
  • Joseph Stephenson

See the full list of winners here:

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