Weeds don’t take time off…Neither can you!

The battle of weed control is a numbers game.  Reduce the weeds and eliminate the seed to win the war.  This has to be a year-round battle because weeds do not take time off.

Click HERE to see before and after burndown photos.

A Post Harvest Burndown is effective behind any crop harvested prior to heavy frost. It:

  • Reduces seed bank in the following crop
  • Reduces weed population in the next crop
  • Helps fight resistance
  • Makes weed management easier and less costly

Keys to Successful Post Harvest Burndown:

  • Be timely after harvest
  • Use a good burn down material
  • Add a residual or come back in late fall with residual material
  • Use Spectrum in your burndown program to improve soil penetration, coverage and retention

Cleaner Fields Improve Yields.