Important considerations for reducing spray drift include proper nozzle selection; spray technique including spray pressure, angle and application speed; evaluation of environmental conditions such as wind direction and temperature inversions; buffer zones and susceptible crops. To maximize drift reduction potential, add Drift-X DRT to your drift reduction plan.

Drift-X DRT (Drift Reduction Technology) is a consistently high-performing deposition and drift management agent that delivers 20% more product to the target and provides uniform coverage on the targeted surface. Drift-X DRT reduces the number of spray droplet fines (less than 100 microns), increases the VMD (Volume Median Diameter) and generates a more uniform droplet size.

Drift-X DRT has broad use with most crop protection products that are labeled for use in agriculture, forestry, roadside, industrial, non-crop, turf, golf course and ornamentals. It’s easy to use and goes in the tank last.

Click here to see noticeable results achieved when Drift-X DRT is used with Gramoxone®.

Drift-X DRT is approved for use with the Enlist Duo™ system.

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Enlist Duo is a trademark of the Dow Chemical Company or an affiliated company of Dow.
Gramoxone is a registered trademark of Syngenta AG.

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