Coastal AgroBusiness, Inc. is proud to announce its designation as a Precision Planting® Premier Dealer.

Precision Planting® makes products that will improve your planter’s performance through better monitoring, mapping, depth control, prescription control, spacing, singulation plus much more.

Jim Whitehurst, President and CEO of Coastal AgroBusiness says “Our partnership with Precision Planting is a great fit for our customers.  Precision offers many yield boosting tools that help improve our customer’s productivity and profitability.  Our partnership with Precision complements the way we do business and is another way Coastal can continue to bring needed solutions to the farm.”

Precision Planting ColorAs a premier dealer, we are authorized and extensively trained to demonstrate how Precision Planting® products can increase your yields, install the products on your planter and train you to use them for maximum yield potential.  Throughout the process, Coastal will be there to deliver the knowledge, support and service you need to successfully use the products and reap the benefits.

Precision Planting tools pay for themselves quickly, often in one season, through increased yields, and then continue to pay you for years to come.  You may find one or two tools that address a specific need or the entire suite gives you everything you need for your fields.

  • 20/20 SeedSense® for better monitoring, in-field troubleshooting, analysis
  • FieldView® and FieldView® Plus for information mapping that enhances decision-making
  • DeltaForce® and 20/20 AirForce® for automatic down force control and improved germination
  • 20/20 RowFlow® and vDrive™ for bushel-boosting prescription and population control
  • eSet®, vSet™ and Precision Meters for spacing and singulation that make every seed count
  • WaveVision® for precise seed counts in any condition
  • CleanSweep® for cab-controlled row cleaner adjustment
  • YieldSense™ for more accurate yield data

Stay tuned for more details when we officially launch Precision Planting® products, training and service beginning January, 2015.


Information provided by Coastal AgroBusiness, Inc. and Precision Planting LLC.

20/20 SeedSense®, FieldView®, DeltaForce®, 20/20 AirForce®, 20/20 RowFlow®, vDrive™, eSet®, vSet™ , WaveVision®, CleanSweep®, YieldSense™, and Precision Planting® are trademarks of Precision Planting LLC.