Yield loss due to early weed competition is well documented and can range anywhere between 5% and 50%.  Give your crop the early advantage and reduce weed competition with the right burndown/residual program.

To enhance herbicide performance and improve application characteristics, Spectrum is the top choice adjuvant to use in your burndown/residual program.  Spectrum efficiently and effectively gets the herbicide to its target and keeps it there longer.

Spectrum_ClearThe characteristics that make Spectrum an excellent adjuvant on plant and leaf surfaces also make it the adjuvant of choice for residual herbicide treatments in the soil.

Spectrum contains a blend of:

  • highly refined methylated seed oils that provide superior coverage, penetration and retention properties
  • a two phase organo-silicone surfactant system that optimizes spreading and translocation properties
  • premium emulsifiers that ensure compatibility with a wide array of materials and even distribution in the field

To achieve optimal performance with your burndown/residual program, use Spectrum to gain these advantages:

Burndown Benefits:

  •  Uniform droplet size to ensure deposition and coverage
  •  Better penetration of weed
  •  Faster herbicide action on weeds, even in cooler weather
  •  Better control of hard to kill weeds including ryegrass, morning glory, lambsquarter, and marestail

Residual Benefits:

  •  Coats soil evenly and gives a “blanket of protection”
  •  Moves into soil profile to give deeper protected zone
  •  Holds herbicide in soil profile longer

Visit our Spectrum product page for more information and application guidelines.